Sunday, July 10, 2005

Rude people

Hmmm. Maybe I'll use this space to vent about the incredibly rude people who send email. See, part of my job is to answer feedback questions that come in through a website. Most of the time I get questions which are already answered on our FAQ pages. We even put up a page that people would see before the form asking that they read the FAQ pages and we still get people asking the same ol, same ol. No problem. I respond thanking them for their interest and link them to the relevant FAQ page or other site page.

But lately, we've been getting folks who are incredible impatient and rude. Most are uninformed about the scientific process and expect results immediately. Just because we have the pretty pics does not mean we have the results! But at least when they write to ask about the results, they are not overly profane. But I do get a few who cuss, etc. I just want to write back to these and ask "Where the heck are your manners?!" I wish there was some way I could forward the messages to the parents of some these people. Why do the feel that they need to cuss? Others manage to ask the same question nicely, why can't they? Oh well, you'd think I'd know better than to check my work email from home.

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